T-shirt Design Competition


So - we've discovered that its 40 years this year since Christian Life Week camps got their name! To celebrate, we're running a design competition with 2 categories/themes:

    • 40 years of CLW

    • Discipleship (what that means to you)

You can enter both or just one category - the 'rules' are:
1. must look good big and small
2. must work in both colour and greyscale
3. must be simple (no photos)

We want you to also submit a short written statement explaining the theme in your artwork

The winner of each category will have their image printed onto a limited release T-shirt!

Every entry receives a prize! There is no age limit for entry and you can submit up to 5 designs in each category. 

The final winner will be selected from 4 of the best designs via facebook poll. 

Entries close Monday 25 November!

Send your design with your Name & Age and a brief description to info@blueprintministries.org.au