What is a Champion?

Our district is a very large place with over 170 individual congregations – and no one knows a church better than a member. We want a Champion in each church to be our primary contact for all things Blueprint.

Who should be a Champion?

Anyone can be a Champion. Ideally it's someone who is:

    • Passionate about young people and families
    • Actively involved in church community
    • Knows youth and families in the church/area
    • Excited to meet and engage with new people
    • Checks emails and post regularly

What do Champions get from Blueprint?

    • A Handbook
    • A badge to be easily identified
    • A poster for the noticeboard
    • A ministry chart
    • Promotional material for camps, conferences and training
    • Blueprint annual report and newsletters
    • Ability to request extra material or resources for your church

What do Champions do?

Champions help us get information to and from youth and families. This will look slightly different in every congregation. Champions recognise everyone in the first third of life (birth to 30) and help them to locate a ministry. They also help Blueprint continue functioning effectively. Activities might include:

    • Advertising events in the church bulletin or announcements
    • Encouraging involvement in Blueprint events
    • Communicating with congregation about who Blueprint is
    • Giving out camp and conference flyers
    • Organising a retiring offering in July (Blueprint month)
    • Answering a yearly online survey
    • Helping young people to connect with a ministry for their needs

How do I get involved?

If you would like to nominate as the Champion for your congregaiton or Parish, or would like more information please contact us.

Email: champions@blueprintministries.org.au
Phone: (08) 8267 5211